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A common enquiry we receive is how much will it cost to add brakes to my trailer.
Below is a guide to assist you with whats involved with adding brakes to your trailer.

When adding brakes to a trailer there are 2 categories:

1.) Adding brakes to assist with stopping only (keeping the same rating),
2.) Adding brakes to increase the trailers ATM rating.

Adding brakes to a trailer to assist with stopping requires some mechanical work such as:
– Welding brake mounting plates to the axle,
– Adding braked hubs (Drum or disk),
– Adding brakes (Drum or Caliper),
– Upgrading to a braked coupling where required,
– Connecting the brakes.

When adding brakes to a trailer to increase its ATM you need to consider the following:
– Drawbar Steel Thickness,
– Chassis Strength,
– Axle Rating,
– Spring Rating,