How To Use A Trailer Winch

How To Use A Trailer Winch


How to use a trailer winch

Winches are very useful when loading broken down vehicles onto a car trailer, however it is important that all safety measures are carried out correctly to avoid damage or injury.

  • Ensure the trailer is safely connected to the towing vehicle prior to operating the winch to prevent the trailer from rolling away.
  • Only load vehicles onto and off of a trailer on a flat, sealed surface, ensuring the towing vehicle is in park with the handbrake on.
  • If required, chock the towing vehicles wheels for added safety to prevent any movement.
  • Open the winches safety latch and lock it into the open position.
  • Pull the winch strap out towards the trailer ramps. (Watch out for spinning handle).
  • Inspect the winch strap prior to use to check for excessive ware or fraying.
  • Attach the winch strap to approved tow points on the vehicle only.
  • Never stand behind a vehicle that is being winched onto a car trailer as the strap may fail at any time.
  • Release the safety catch so that you can hear a clicking sound as you wind the winch in.
  • Keep the winch strap centred and ensure the vehicle is loaded in the center of the trailer.
  • Never wear lose clothing when using the winch as it may become caught in the cogs.

Note: The winch is designed to pull vehicles on to the trailer only and not to be used for unloading or for securing the vehicle to the trailer during travel.