5% Price Beat Guarantee

5% Price Beat Terms & Conditions

Our 5% Price Beat Guarantee means that if you find a competitors lower price on an identical stocked item of the same brand, we'll beat it by 5%. We only offer our 5% Price Beat Guarantee on items that are marked with the 5% Price Beat Guarantee logo.

What items does the 5% reduction apply to?
Our 5% Price Beat Guarantee applies to any identical product of the same brand and SKU that are:

  • Stocked by Adelaide Trailer Shop, and,
  • The same brand as what we advertise, and,
  • Currently in stock with the competitor where found cheaper, and,
  • Marked with our 5% Price Beat Guarantee logo, and,
  • Not excluded from the 5% Price Beat Guarantee (see below)

What items are excluded form the 5% Price Beat Guarantee?

  • Items that are on special or clearance including liquidations
  • Items that are currently out of stock
  • Items that are not marked with our 5% Price Beat Guarantee logo
  • Items that are a commercial, trade or bulk buy price
  • Items that are marked *Special Order
  • Trailers for hire and hire items
  • New Trailers, Trailer Hire, Trailer Repairs and DIY Trailer Kits
  • Items that are below our cost price.

*NOTE: 5% Price Beat Guarantee does not apply if the proposed discount price does not cover our cost price on that item.

How to claim your 5% Price Beat Guarantee

Call us on North: 0412 836 296 or South: 0434 353 189 or Contact Us.
Tell us where you found the item cheaper.
Please have a screen shot or catalogue clipping of the item found cheaper.